Die alte Leuchtschrift "Gasthof Deutsches Haus" blieb erhalten

The old traditional building “Gasthof Deutsches Haus” – that’s how it still was called when it was purchased back in 1989 by the family-owned carpenter-company “Zimmerei Rösser” – was renovated and redeveloped by the senior-owner Franz Rösser and his crew during years of painstakingly detail work.

Inside there were wonderful rooms arising, in which you find new and old perfectly joined. Besides this, it was very important to the whole family, to do as much for the environment as possible. One of these results is a modern heater, runned by only wooden waste products.Unsere "lustige Lampe" empfägt die Gäste zum Frühstück

The detail-work in the rooms of the hotel was put into the hands of the two daughters of the family. With their own paintings, extraordinary light-concepts and remarkable other ideas they laid their own hand-writing on the whole house in a very exceptional way. Even the design and the manufacturing of the furniture were in the hands of the whole family.The result is a relaxed and lively atmosphere, which will excite you in a minute.

...bunt, abwechslungsreich & modern - unsere Zimmer!

“Whoever stopped trying to get better, has already stopped trying to be good” (Philip Rosenthal) As we always are trying to go within the course of time, we are first of all trying to do justice to our guest’s expectations. That is our reason for trying to give a good account on our house. After only four years all the carpet-floors were replaced by designer floors in wooden looks. The cocktail-bar was renovated and the guest-rooms welcome you in bright new colors.

2024  Hotel Deutsches Haus

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